Why you should have a keyholder.

Having a property abroad is a dream, but like with everything valuable, it needs looking after.

Why keyholding?

Well, what happens if there is a water leak or a break in or if you fly out one time and have forgotten your keys? It happens to someone every day! If you rent-out your property, who is there to handle keyover? Check for damage, etc….

People lose things all the time, and more often when where in a rush or on holdiday. Items like keys, passports, driving licences and so on. Handbags do get snatched, keys do fall out of pockets and occasionally doors shut and lock automatically with the keys on the wrong side of the door to you. Rather than calling out a locksmith late at night, having someone with a spare set of keys will seem like one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Whether you own a brand new of a somewhat older property, you may want to make some changes to it. Your contractor (home improvements) or supplier will give you a date, but maybe you´re not around, and then it’s good to know some you trust holds your keys for you.

Most people at some time welcome friends and relatives into their property in Spain. Chances are they live close enough in their home country to enable a quick exchange of keys. However, it’s not always the case. Having someone in Spain who has the keys handy can mean that there’s no need for complicated arrangements and you are sure that you keep your set for when you need them.

We could go on with reason why having a keyholder is very useful, but we’re sure you do understand the advantages by now.

Our keyholding contract includes

  • Keyholding – key collection service
  • Weekly or 2 weekly security checks
  • Check for water/gas leaks and boiler pressure
  • Flushing plumbing, ventilating property
  • Obtain quotes, afford access to contractors/deliveries
  • Be availlable to all your guests and yourselfs
  • Check gas and water connections in garden (when there is)
  • Post forwarding (by post or mail)
  • Liase with community committee and neighbours and liase with utility companies
  • We will be the first contact person for the alarm company
  • During the holiday lets we will take our responsibility when the clients / rentals don’t behave
  • Your clients can call us 24/24 – 7/7 so they dont need to disturb you (the owner)
  • After storm or heavy rain we do a double check-up of the property
  • Regular contact via Phone, Skype, Watsapp, email or text …
  • When we see something is wrong, broken, … we contact you (the owner) and try to find a solution as soon as possible.
  • Cleaning services are also provided.
  • Airport runs. As taxis can charge a fortune and busses aren’t always available, we provide airport runs from and to Alicante or Murcia.
  • Help with sorting out rental cars


Keyholding = Peace of mind

Spanish law requires that someone in the country has a key to the property.
We hold the key so we can access the property in emergencies or in case we need to service the property.
We offer our clients a contract that includes the keyholding AND maintenance.

All the above services for only 400 € a year.

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